Here we continue to share top the best head coaches owning the highest revenue from manager position.

From the former article, we refer two big names: Bill Belichicke and Gregg Popovich. Now, there are other followings:

3, Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll has closed with management career when he was still young and until now he is 70 years old but he has expressed power and full of energy at this role.

Estimated his salary is about $11 Million for per season. It’s arranged to top the paid-high salary. To reach this achievement, he has made successfully at his team he managed like USC, Seattle. For example, he is one of only 3 managers to win 2 titles in the Super Bowl. Besides it, he has ever reached one reward in the college national event.

By experienced skills, he is voted for one of the greatest coaches in the Super bowl all the time. This result is deserved to his efforts.

4, Doc Rivers

People say that Doc River is a powerful head coach because he has ever been received many offers from rich clubs. After much discussion, he has decided to join Clippers, under managed by the president- Steve Ballmer.

He is the 2nd NBA coach in our ranking, paid the high salary. Estimated that he can earn about $10 Million for per season. With his current talent, this salary shows off correctly his duties for Clippers. He is expected to reach more titles in the next NBA season.

5, Sean Payton

Sean Payton is leading to NFC.

He has ever signed the contract with value $9.75 Million for per year. With his expectation, NFC will reach the Champions in the coming season.

All fans of NFC are expecting success from this talented coach.