Football is considered as the potential market for commercial transactions. There are many people involved with football becomes rich and famous. One of them is head coaches.

Although head coaches don’t’ cover so much spot light as footballers in the pitch, they play an important role to decide glory of one team. Therefore, some big clubs usually invest budget to hire good head coaches. 

Now, we will share top head coaches paid the highest salary in the recent season. Assure that you feel surprising about big amounts to be transferred.

1, Bill Belichicke

In the Super Bowl history, Bill Belichick is considered as one of the most successful coach because series of great achievements he could do during his career.

Estimated that he already won 10 games in 17 seasons. These achievements are amazing for any head coach in Super Bowl.

On average, he can earn $12 million dollars per year. This number is so big, then he is ranked in the first ranking for top the highest salary.

 2, Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich is on the end of his career because he can retire in some next seasons.

He has ever been succeeded in many clubs. He has contributed to success with some famous footballers like Tim Duncan, Tony Parker or Manu Ginobili. He has helped and trained them to the peak of football career as nowadays.

Estimated that he has 70% victory during his career. So, he is considered as one of the best head coaches all the time. He also is transferred to other clubs with a big budget, up to $11 million. In his period, this amount is so big and dreamed to anyone.

He has also been received a number of fans and players favorited all over the world. Everyone loves and admires his talent and passion for football.