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Coach Allegri is like the obsolete man of European football (Part 2)

“I read a lot of books,” he said, mostly in the thrilling genre. He also read through a piece about artist Amedeo Modigliani, which urged him to attend an exhibition in London. “I’m just spending time with my family and friends and enjoying life.”

Allegri is really strange. Because when interviewing a football coach, all you are waiting for is football. But Allegri did separate himself completely from the vibrant world of the ball.

In another interview with ESPN, Allegri also called tactics “rubbish” because he believed that people are the decisive factor in the success or failure of a football match.

He does not believe in numbers, he is not a fan of machines. He believes in signs more than data. He believes that there are things only people, not any state-of-the-art machine, can see. Yet a man who seemed to be lost at that time was one of the most respected coaches in Europe.

Allegri is a great leader with six Serie A titles and two appearances in the Champions League final. He was one of 12 people invited to the UEFA Coach Forum in November, and the only guest … unemployed in the hall.

Reputation is more than enough for him to casually choose a time and a place to continue training. You can choose any club you like, as long as from June onwards. “After 5 years with Juventus, I don’t want to return to my career with a bad face,” he said. “This is an important option”. He wants to lead a well-disciplined and organized team.

Allegri did not want to bet against an incompetent team. In the past few months, there have been many rumors about whether he will take over Arsenal, Man Utd, Bayern Munich or PSG. Along with Mauricio Pochettino, he is one of the two most sought-after unemployed coaches in the world of football.

The 1967 birth strategist is a man with a strong anti-cultural ideology. He goes against the view that modern coaches must be more talented philosophers than people, always imbued with the thoughts of the fans as well as the media.

28 coaches were dismissed in five major leagues this season

After the first half of the season, many clubs in La Liga, the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 lost their patience with the coaches.

At the five biggest national championships in the world, the clubs fired 28 coaches, up 18% from the 23 coaches at the same time last season.

Serie A has many coaches losing the most in the first half of this season, with 9 people. The Italian championship is not really famous for long-time coaches, but the presidents are tending to be more aggressive than usual. The nine dismissed coaches are also the biggest number of Serie A since 2012.

Premier League ranked second, with six coaches losing their jobs. Compared to the same period last year, this number is more than twice.

La Liga came in third, with five coaches losing their jobs. In the top five leagues, La Liga is the only league with fewer coaches losing jobs than the previous season.

The Bundesliga and Ligue 1 both had four coaches dismissed. In particular, Bayern is the only national champion in five major tournaments to dismiss the coach.

The dismissals had some certain influence. For example, AC Milan is no longer the same after Ancelotti left. Apart from the 2011 Serie A championship won with Max Allegri, the red and black striped shirt has no title to compare with Juventus and the big teams.

The team has won the European Cup C1/Champions League seven times even many seasons do not attend the European Cup, due to the decline in performance and violations of the Financial Fair law.

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 season, also due to poor performance, AC Milan had to fire coach Marca Giampaolo. New coach Stefano Pioli has improved, but has only won one in five matches.

28 coaches lost their jobs at the beginning of the season in five major tournaments

Serie A

Eusebio Di Francesco (Club Sampdoria), Thiago Motta, Aurelio Andreazzoli (Genoa), Marco Giampaolo (AC Milan), Igor Tudor (Udinese), Eugenio Corini, Fabio Grosso (Brescia), Carlo Ancelotti (Napoli), Vincenzo Montella (Fiorentina).

Premier League

Quique Sanchez Flores, Javi Gracia (Watford), Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham), Unai Emery (Arsenal), Marco Silva (Everton), Manuel Pellegrini (West Ham).

La Liga

Marcelino (Valencia), David Gallego, Pablo Machin (Espanyol), Mauricio Pellegrino (Leganes), Fran Escriba (Celta Vigo).


Niko Kovac (Bayern Munich), Achim Beierlorzer (Koln), Sandro Schwarz (Mainz), Ante Covic (Hoffenheim).

Ligue 1

Ghislain Printant (Saint Etiene), Sylvinho (Lyon), Alain Casanova (Toulouse), Leonardo Jardim (Monaco).

Coach Allegri is like the obsolete man of European football (Part 1)

In the midst of the appointments, there is a top military leader who still enjoys life. He is Massimiliano Allegri, who won six Serie A titles.

Allegri loves drawing. If there was a pen in front of this football main trainer and anything he could draw on, he would start splitting. Allegri agreed to host the New York Times correspondent at his home. And in two hours, he gave an interview, drawing seven pages.

Some of the images are easy to recognize such as the football field map, the circles with the numbers inside represent the player, the arrows show the direction of movement.

However, a few other images are more difficult to understand such as a doll hung upside down at the corner of the page. In the opposite corner, the word “tablet” (small board) is circled and underlined, surely Allegri must have something to emphasize this word.

Scientists have spent a lot of time studying the doodles. Psychologist Robert C. Burns once said: “The lines that a depressed person draws often accidentally contain a message.”

Does Allegri miss football? After parting ways with Juventus, it seems that the desire to hold the army, to fight, to be victorious accidentally appeared on the page. He has reason to remember the football field.

The last six months have been Allegri’s first real break after 34 years of relentless dedication: including 18 years as a player and 16 years on the training bench. “I just kicked it,” Allegri admitted. But being a coach is better. He won the Serie A championship with AC Milan (once) and Juventus (five times in a row).

The top leaders, no matter how much they love and obsess about football, need a break. Even Pep Guardiola once admitted that he was tired after four seasons at Barcelona, ​​he eventually quit his job and went on holiday in New York for a year.

However, Allegri did not think he was on leave. He was simply … resting, completely resting, so that his mind wasn’t at all involved with football. For six months, he did not carry suitcases for traveling, did not come to watch matches and training sessions, did not probe his opponents, did not reshape his thoughts, nor did he look through the army’s proposals. While Guardiola stopped because of his lack of inspiration in football, Allegri had different interests.