Allegri personally believes that each club and city has its own identity especially, and his job is to integrate with that rather than imposing alien ideas.

Football in him is “a collective game shaped by individuals”. He also watches basketball a lot because he likes the way an individual on the field can shine.

However, Allegri doesn’t really think that small-scale tactics in basketball can be applied to football. “Football is an art,” he added. Because he did not completely believe in digitized data fragments, he did not use computers. He did not have a computer in his home, although his time at Juventus gave him an iPad.

According to Allegri, the notion that “to be able to watch the whole game, a coach should be positioned in the stands rather than outside the boundary line, where you smell sweat and see fear” is one of football village’s greatest lies.

He especially underestimated the way in which the Italians “put” their tactical elements as well as their “game-binding” policy. He could not understand why the experts at Coverciano (referring to the Italian Football Federation) asked the coaches to focus on the stereotypical system instead of conveying the message, capturing the game. “Feeling is a prerequisite,” he asserted.

After watching matches from all over Europe for the past few months, he was impressed by Liverpool, and praised Jurgen Klopp, the captain who changed the face of the team.

Allegri also likes Guardiola’s Man City. He was impressed by the old club Cagliari when they competed fairly for a ticket to the C1, and commented that Atalanta’s style of football – the team that reached the 1/8 round of the Champions League.

It would be fascinating to believe that in June next year, Allegri would return to current flow of current views on tactics, philosophy and systems. Attractive, but also wrong. The talented captain returned, only because he wanted to “breathe” again.

He now spends time in art, reading, traveling and enjoying life. He also enjoyed drawing. Looking at the tactical plan he outlined, we might think that solving the paper problem is done. But with Massimiliano Allegri, removing the knot on the pitch is the best feeling.