“I read a lot of books,” he said, mostly in the thrilling genre. He also read through a piece about artist Amedeo Modigliani, which urged him to attend an exhibition in London. “I’m just spending time with my family and friends and enjoying life.”

Allegri is really strange. Because when interviewing a football coach, all you are waiting for is football. But Allegri did separate himself completely from the vibrant world of the ball.

In another interview with ESPN, Allegri also called tactics “rubbish” because he believed that people are the decisive factor in the success or failure of a football match.

He does not believe in numbers, he is not a fan of machines. He believes in signs more than data. He believes that there are things only people, not any state-of-the-art machine, can see. Yet a man who seemed to be lost at that time was one of the most respected coaches in Europe.

Allegri is a great leader with six Serie A titles and two appearances in the Champions League final. He was one of 12 people invited to the UEFA Coach Forum in November, and the only guest … unemployed in the hall.

Reputation is more than enough for him to casually choose a time and a place to continue training. You can choose any club you like, as long as from June onwards. “After 5 years with Juventus, I don’t want to return to my career with a bad face,” he said. “This is an important option”. He wants to lead a well-disciplined and organized team.

Allegri did not want to bet against an incompetent team. In the past few months, there have been many rumors about whether he will take over Arsenal, Man Utd, Bayern Munich or PSG. Along with Mauricio Pochettino, he is one of the two most sought-after unemployed coaches in the world of football.

The 1967 birth strategist is a man with a strong anti-cultural ideology. He goes against the view that modern coaches must be more talented philosophers than people, always imbued with the thoughts of the fans as well as the media.