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Top 10 richest transfers in football 2019

Football is regarded as one of the most favorite games. Annually, fans can see many competitions and tournaments about football. The truth that it also becomes a profitable business for many federations, founders, coaches and especially footballers.

Almost famous celebrities in sports come from football. Some talented players become valued product to make bargain or purchase among big clubs. Therefore, footballers are looked as if gifts or cargo can be transferred. Thanks to transfer contracts, they can earn a lot of millions.

In this article, we continue to share top transfers in football in 2019 with the highest value.

7/ Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Although he is only 21-years old, he has reached a big transfer of the season. He is highly appreciated as a new star because of his good performance in the recent seasons.

He proved himself that he deserves to get warmly welcome from Manchester city. He has brilliant skills to handle with ball with top-nothc dribbling and tackling.

As record, he got 1.7 dribbles, 3.7 tackles and 2.4 interceptions during the last season, so he was voted as one of the best footballers for some recent seasons.

In 2019-2020 season, he has been transferred from Crystal Palace to Manchester United with total €55 million.

6/ Frenkie De Jong

He was one of the most excellent players in the Ajax jersey in the last season. He had a good performance to connect with team to make it to the semi-finals. Among members, he took action as a orchestrator.

He had a fantastic game in the last season with UCL and Eredivisie. Estimated that his accuracy was about 90’s. he got 3 goals and 3 assists finally.

In this season, he has been transferred from Ajax to Barcelona with €75 million. This amount is really big for a young player only 22 year old.

Ronaldo’s fame disappeared when he left Real Madrid (Part 1)

Cristiano Ronaldo lost, even humbly lost at the 2019 European Golden Ball award gala when only ranked third, after Lionel Messi and Virgil van Dijk.

This defeat was actually heralded after CR7 spent the Champions League elimination season in the quarter-finals with poor results at the awards ceremony of “UEFA Best Player of the Year” and FIFA The Best.

But the complete failure of Ronaldo against Messi still makes everyone forced to ask the question: Since when has Ronaldo fallen too deeply compared to Barca’s No. 10?

Lost the launch pad of Real Madrid fame

Is it random or not that the results of the first season did not play completely for Real Madrid that Ronaldo was knocked out of the Top 2 European Golden Ball? The answer is no if you look back at Real Madrid and compare it to Ronaldo’s new stop, Juventus.

In nine years with Real Madrid, Ronaldo only once jumped out of the Top 2. It is the story of 2010, when CR7 fell to 6th place in the golden race after the failure season with Real (eliminated from 1/8 Champions League) and Portugal (eliminated from 1/8 World Cup).

After the start of the season, the years Ronalso compared Messi fiercely with consecutive records were destroyed. It was also the time when Real got up to confront Barca on and off the pitch.

Ronaldo won 4 out of 5 Golden Balls during his time at Real Madrid.

Before Ronaldo went to Real, Los Blancos spent a long time weaker than Barca not only on the pitch but also at the commercial value. Barca with Ronaldinho, Deco, Eto’o or later Lionel Messi, Thierry Henry is an attractive image destination, instead of Realized by the Netherlands at the hands of Ramon Calderon.

Real needs more than one symbol to confront Barca with Messi. And Ronaldo was brought back from MU, Kaka also appeared from AC Milan. Real bought both European Golden Balles for the Bernabeu in an attempt to knock Messi down. But only Ronaldo shines. And that is how CR7 was chosen to become because of the number one stars of Los Blancos.

For nearly 10 years, Ronaldo has received the full support of Real Madrid to become the number one symbol of the team in terms of images from both on and off the pitch. The reputation of the team with the highest commercial value in the world is the perfect tool when combined with the talent and reputation of CR7.