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Top head coaches paid the highest salary (Part 2)

Here we continue to share top the best head coaches owning the highest revenue from manager position.

From the former article, we refer two big names: Bill Belichicke and Gregg Popovich. Now, there are other followings:

3, Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll has closed with management career when he was still young and until now he is 70 years old but he has expressed power and full of energy at this role.

Estimated his salary is about $11 Million for per season. It’s arranged to top the paid-high salary. To reach this achievement, he has made successfully at his team he managed like USC, Seattle. For example, he is one of only 3 managers to win 2 titles in the Super Bowl. Besides it, he has ever reached one reward in the college national event.

By experienced skills, he is voted for one of the greatest coaches in the Super bowl all the time. This result is deserved to his efforts.

4, Doc Rivers

People say that Doc River is a powerful head coach because he has ever been received many offers from rich clubs. After much discussion, he has decided to join Clippers, under managed by the president- Steve Ballmer.

He is the 2nd NBA coach in our ranking, paid the high salary. Estimated that he can earn about $10 Million for per season. With his current talent, this salary shows off correctly his duties for Clippers. He is expected to reach more titles in the next NBA season.

5, Sean Payton

Sean Payton is leading to NFC.

He has ever signed the contract with value $9.75 Million for per year. With his expectation, NFC will reach the Champions in the coming season.

All fans of NFC are expecting success from this talented coach.

Juventus wants to invite Zinedine Zidane to lead the club

Juventus is ready to pay coach Zinedine Zidane a salary of 7 million pounds per year to invite the French leader to lead the club in the 2020/21 season.

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli is said to still have an intimate relationship with Zidane, who sits at the helm of Real. In the eyes of the allianz fans, “Zizou” is also very popular, thanks to the months of dedication to the club in the period 1996-2001.

In the past, Juventus and Real have embarked on a number of transfer deals. This could play an important role in the “Zizou” recruitment plan of the Turin representative. If he goes to Italy to work, Zidane can reunite his former student Cristiano Ronaldo, who left Real to come to Juventus in the summer of 2018.

Zidane is currently under contract with Real until 2022. However, Spanish media have speculated that President Florentino Perez is considering a “big revolution” in June. He wants to change the squad, and replace the head coach. Rumor has it that Mauricio Pochettino is being targeted by “Los Blancos” to replace Zidane.

According to the Daily Mail, in order to be signed by Zidane, Juventus is ready to break the salary structure for the coach. They are expected to spend a 3-year contract, with a salary of £ 7 million per season paid to the French legend, if he joins the club. This is really a very high number.

Juventus is desperate to conquer the Champions League title. They have done everything, including bringing to Ronaldo superstar Allianz, but have not yet achieved the goal. The current Maurizio Sarri is not the one with “DNA Champions League” like Zidane. Therefore, Juventus wants to plan to bring “Zizou” to Turin.

Throughout his career, Zidane won the Champions League as both a player and a coach. Most recently, he helped “Los Blancos” for three consecutive years to dominate the European Cup between 2015-2018.

Lyon wants to score more goals in the last round against Juventus

Coach Rudi Garica aims to score more goals in the second leg, after winning Juventus 1-0 in the first leg of the round of 1/8 Champions League.

Lyon won 1-0 yesterday, thanks to Lucas Tousart’s only goal in the 31st minute. Unlike many games earlier in the season, Juventus lacked mobility. The visitors did not even do anything but Dybala put the ball against Lyon in offside.

Coach Lyon also did not regret because the home team could not score more goals in the first leg. “There is no regrets. The important thing is that we played well in the first half, scored and didn’t concede a goal at home,” he said.

With a small advantage of winning 1-0 in the first leg, Lyon will go to the quarterfinals if there is a goal and only lose a difference in the return leg on March 17. Meanwhile, Juventus need to win two or more goals to eliminate the risk of being eliminated early.

Juninho: ‘Nobody expected Lyon to defeat Juventus’

Lyon Sports Director Juninho Pernambucano praised the home team after the victory against Juventus in the first leg of the round of 1/8 Champions League on February 26.

Lyon defeated Juventus thanks to Lucas Tousart’s only goal in the 31st minute, at the Parc Olympique Lyonnais. In the second half, the visitors tried to push the line up and play more actively, but did not make a difference in the attack. This match, Juventus launched a total of 14 shots but failed to once hit the goal.

Lyon’s performance against Juventus is not commensurate with what this team shows in Ligue 1. They are currently seventh with 37 points after 26 matches, 28 points behind PSG and seven points against the Champions League team in the season.

Klopp sympathized with Guardiola and the Manchester City players

Jurgen Klopp has insisted that he always supports Pep Guardiola and the Manchester City players despite their ban on the Champions League.

On February 14, UEFA announced that it would ban Manchester City from participating in the Champions League for two seasons due to a “serious violation” of the Financial Equity law. This judgment is a blow to the ambition of Man City – the team has always been in the Premier League for the last two consecutive years.

As a guest on the pitch, it was a difficult game for Liverpool. They could only win a minimum thanks to the 78th minute goal of a player on the substitution of Sadio Mane. This result helps Liverpool to lift the gap with runner-up Man City table to 25 points.

The situation is completely different from last season, when the two teams compare each score – before Man City ascended the throne with a point difference. Asked about the possibility of Guardiola’s team being stripped of the Premier League title, Klopp declined to comment. “I can imagine how difficult this is for people who do sports,” said the Liverpool strategist. “You trust your colleagues. They say ‘It’s okay’, but UEFA doesn’t think so. This is not over. Now Man City have to deal with it. I don’t know what will happen next. “.

Liverpool are unbeaten during the last 43 matches in the Premier League (including last season). They are only six games behind the record that Arsenal set in the 2003-2004 season.

The student praised Klopp for being a tactical genius

After helping Liverpool win the Champions League last season, Klopp helped the Anfield team dominate the English Premier League this year. They are at the top of the table, 22 points ahead of the second team Man City and almost firmly on the championship.

Since being appointed in 2015, Klopp has revolutionized Liverpool. He directed the team to the attacking kick, putting great pressure. At this time, Liverpool is considered by many to be the strongest club in the world.

At 0:30 on Sunday 16/2, Liverpool will return to the English Premier League after a winter break. They are guests on Carwich Road’s Carrow Road. Three points will help Klopp’s teachers and students come closer to the championship.

What should coach Solskjaer do to solve the problems on MU attack?

MU attackers are on alert when they can not score in 3 consecutive matches in the Premier League. Solskjaer coach needs to make changes soon.

In the last 3 matches in the Premier League, MU only won one point. They lost to Liverpool 0-2, lost to Burnley 0-2 and drew 0-0 against Wolves. MU had the opportunity to shorten the gap with the top 4 when Chelsea repeatedly lost points, but they did not take advantage. Even now they are pushed down to 6th place.

Martial is bringing frustration when he takes the role of leading the public in place of Rashford.

This is the result of poor competition. Without Marcus Rashford, the “Red Devils” were powerless to shake the net. After the score with Wolves at Old Trafford, MU striker Anthony Martial received many criticisms from the former Premier League players.

In the match against Wolves, Martial did not even launch a single shot despite playing the full 90 minutes. The most definitive player on the MU side was midfielder Bruno Fernandes with 5 appearances. In addition, he repeatedly signaled to his teammates to actively move.

Besides, the ability to coordinate the middle of MU also does not show the effectiveness. The people who create the most opportunity to finish teammates are Luke Shaw and Aaron Wan-Bissaka. Naturally, those opportunities came from the cross-field phase or cross the ball from the two corridors.

According to Ian Wright, Coach Solskjaer can consider using young talent Greenwood. The striker born in 2001 has scored 10 goals in all competitions this season. Long shot from Greenwood can bring goals for MU when confronting teams that organize the defense closely.

In addition, MU has another choice on attacker is rookie Odion Ighalo. He played in the Premier League in Watford and scored 16 goals. The Nigerian striker once won the best player of the month in December 2015.

However, Ighalo has turned 30 and his ability to integrate into the Premier League is still a question mark when he returns from the much lower level league.

On February 18th, MU will be a guest at Stamford Bridge of Chelsea. This is an important match for the race to win the Champions League. The long holidays will be very valuable for teachers and coaches Solskjaer.

The Norwegian strategist needs to be more calculated and prepared to avoid ineffective and assertive substitution. In the Wolves confrontation, he threw Lingard or Dalot on the field in the 87th minute. The remaining time was too little for them to bring efficiency.

Coach Allegri is like the obsolete man of European football (Part 3)

Allegri personally believes that each club and city has its own identity especially, and his job is to integrate with that rather than imposing alien ideas.

Football in him is “a collective game shaped by individuals”. He also watches basketball a lot because he likes the way an individual on the field can shine.

However, Allegri doesn’t really think that small-scale tactics in basketball can be applied to football. “Football is an art,” he added. Because he did not completely believe in digitized data fragments, he did not use computers. He did not have a computer in his home, although his time at Juventus gave him an iPad.

According to Allegri, the notion that “to be able to watch the whole game, a coach should be positioned in the stands rather than outside the boundary line, where you smell sweat and see fear” is one of football village’s greatest lies.

He especially underestimated the way in which the Italians “put” their tactical elements as well as their “game-binding” policy. He could not understand why the experts at Coverciano (referring to the Italian Football Federation) asked the coaches to focus on the stereotypical system instead of conveying the message, capturing the game. “Feeling is a prerequisite,” he asserted.

After watching matches from all over Europe for the past few months, he was impressed by Liverpool, and praised Jurgen Klopp, the captain who changed the face of the team.

Allegri also likes Guardiola’s Man City. He was impressed by the old club Cagliari when they competed fairly for a ticket to the C1, and commented that Atalanta’s style of football – the team that reached the 1/8 round of the Champions League.

It would be fascinating to believe that in June next year, Allegri would return to current flow of current views on tactics, philosophy and systems. Attractive, but also wrong. The talented captain returned, only because he wanted to “breathe” again.

He now spends time in art, reading, traveling and enjoying life. He also enjoyed drawing. Looking at the tactical plan he outlined, we might think that solving the paper problem is done. But with Massimiliano Allegri, removing the knot on the pitch is the best feeling.

Coach Allegri is like the obsolete man of European football (Part 2)

“I read a lot of books,” he said, mostly in the thrilling genre. He also read through a piece about artist Amedeo Modigliani, which urged him to attend an exhibition in London. “I’m just spending time with my family and friends and enjoying life.”

Allegri is really strange. Because when interviewing a football coach, all you are waiting for is football. But Allegri did separate himself completely from the vibrant world of the ball.

In another interview with ESPN, Allegri also called tactics “rubbish” because he believed that people are the decisive factor in the success or failure of a football match.

He does not believe in numbers, he is not a fan of machines. He believes in signs more than data. He believes that there are things only people, not any state-of-the-art machine, can see. Yet a man who seemed to be lost at that time was one of the most respected coaches in Europe.

Allegri is a great leader with six Serie A titles and two appearances in the Champions League final. He was one of 12 people invited to the UEFA Coach Forum in November, and the only guest … unemployed in the hall.

Reputation is more than enough for him to casually choose a time and a place to continue training. You can choose any club you like, as long as from June onwards. “After 5 years with Juventus, I don’t want to return to my career with a bad face,” he said. “This is an important option”. He wants to lead a well-disciplined and organized team.

Allegri did not want to bet against an incompetent team. In the past few months, there have been many rumors about whether he will take over Arsenal, Man Utd, Bayern Munich or PSG. Along with Mauricio Pochettino, he is one of the two most sought-after unemployed coaches in the world of football.

The 1967 birth strategist is a man with a strong anti-cultural ideology. He goes against the view that modern coaches must be more talented philosophers than people, always imbued with the thoughts of the fans as well as the media.

28 coaches were dismissed in five major leagues this season

After the first half of the season, many clubs in La Liga, the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 lost their patience with the coaches.

At the five biggest national championships in the world, the clubs fired 28 coaches, up 18% from the 23 coaches at the same time last season.

Serie A has many coaches losing the most in the first half of this season, with 9 people. The Italian championship is not really famous for long-time coaches, but the presidents are tending to be more aggressive than usual. The nine dismissed coaches are also the biggest number of Serie A since 2012.

Premier League ranked second, with six coaches losing their jobs. Compared to the same period last year, this number is more than twice.

La Liga came in third, with five coaches losing their jobs. In the top five leagues, La Liga is the only league with fewer coaches losing jobs than the previous season.

The Bundesliga and Ligue 1 both had four coaches dismissed. In particular, Bayern is the only national champion in five major tournaments to dismiss the coach.

The dismissals had some certain influence. For example, AC Milan is no longer the same after Ancelotti left. Apart from the 2011 Serie A championship won with Max Allegri, the red and black striped shirt has no title to compare with Juventus and the big teams.

The team has won the European Cup C1/Champions League seven times even many seasons do not attend the European Cup, due to the decline in performance and violations of the Financial Fair law.

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 season, also due to poor performance, AC Milan had to fire coach Marca Giampaolo. New coach Stefano Pioli has improved, but has only won one in five matches.

28 coaches lost their jobs at the beginning of the season in five major tournaments

Serie A

Eusebio Di Francesco (Club Sampdoria), Thiago Motta, Aurelio Andreazzoli (Genoa), Marco Giampaolo (AC Milan), Igor Tudor (Udinese), Eugenio Corini, Fabio Grosso (Brescia), Carlo Ancelotti (Napoli), Vincenzo Montella (Fiorentina).

Premier League

Quique Sanchez Flores, Javi Gracia (Watford), Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham), Unai Emery (Arsenal), Marco Silva (Everton), Manuel Pellegrini (West Ham).

La Liga

Marcelino (Valencia), David Gallego, Pablo Machin (Espanyol), Mauricio Pellegrino (Leganes), Fran Escriba (Celta Vigo).


Niko Kovac (Bayern Munich), Achim Beierlorzer (Koln), Sandro Schwarz (Mainz), Ante Covic (Hoffenheim).

Ligue 1

Ghislain Printant (Saint Etiene), Sylvinho (Lyon), Alain Casanova (Toulouse), Leonardo Jardim (Monaco).

Coach Allegri is like the obsolete man of European football (Part 1)

In the midst of the appointments, there is a top military leader who still enjoys life. He is Massimiliano Allegri, who won six Serie A titles.

Allegri loves drawing. If there was a pen in front of this football main trainer and anything he could draw on, he would start splitting. Allegri agreed to host the New York Times correspondent at his home. And in two hours, he gave an interview, drawing seven pages.

Some of the images are easy to recognize such as the football field map, the circles with the numbers inside represent the player, the arrows show the direction of movement.

However, a few other images are more difficult to understand such as a doll hung upside down at the corner of the page. In the opposite corner, the word “tablet” (small board) is circled and underlined, surely Allegri must have something to emphasize this word.

Scientists have spent a lot of time studying the doodles. Psychologist Robert C. Burns once said: “The lines that a depressed person draws often accidentally contain a message.”

Does Allegri miss football? After parting ways with Juventus, it seems that the desire to hold the army, to fight, to be victorious accidentally appeared on the page. He has reason to remember the football field.

The last six months have been Allegri’s first real break after 34 years of relentless dedication: including 18 years as a player and 16 years on the training bench. “I just kicked it,” Allegri admitted. But being a coach is better. He won the Serie A championship with AC Milan (once) and Juventus (five times in a row).

The top leaders, no matter how much they love and obsess about football, need a break. Even Pep Guardiola once admitted that he was tired after four seasons at Barcelona, ​​he eventually quit his job and went on holiday in New York for a year.

However, Allegri did not think he was on leave. He was simply … resting, completely resting, so that his mind wasn’t at all involved with football. For six months, he did not carry suitcases for traveling, did not come to watch matches and training sessions, did not probe his opponents, did not reshape his thoughts, nor did he look through the army’s proposals. While Guardiola stopped because of his lack of inspiration in football, Allegri had different interests.

Napoli appointed Gattuso with a six-month contract

Less than 24 hours after dismissing Ancelotti, Napoli appointed former AC Milan coach Gennaro Gattuso with a six-month contract.

“Welcome Gennaro Gattuso,” Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis said at a press conference for the launch of the new Napoli coach on 11/12. “We have nurtured a dream but suddenly woke up halfway. I didn’t want to disrupt Carlo Ancelotti’s beautiful dream, and found that it would be better if we followed our own paths. and Ancelotti are still friends. “

Sky Italy said Napoli signed a six-month contract with Gattuso, with a 12-month extension. The first match of the former AC Milan coach was against Parma this weekend.

Gattuso, 41, has been leading Milan for a year and a half, and has been unemployed since May 2019. During his two years at San Siro, Gattuso helped Milan advance from the sixth position of the 2017-2018 season to the fifth of the 2018-2019 season. However, that is not enough to convince the boss of this team.

Gattuso’s predecessor, Ancelotti, is now pursued by Everton. The owner of Goodison Park wants an experienced coach to fight at the helm of the captain, after failing to use young coaches like Ronald Koeman or Marco Silva.

Besides Everton, Arsenal is also interested in Ancelotti. “Gunners” are using interim coach Freddie Ljungberg. The achievements of the former Swedish player are not impressive after three games: one win, one draw, one loss.

Before leaving Napoli, Ancelotti led many big clubs such as Juventus, AC Milan, Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. He won the Champions League three times, in which famously helped Real complete the Decima (the 10th cup of the Champions League/Champions League) in the 2013-2014 season.

Solskjaer: ‘Many top players want to rebuild Man Utd’

Solskjaer believes Man Utd is still the leading club and the leading reputation in attracting good players.

After a three-game winning streak, Man Utd revived with two impressive victories with the same score 2-1 against Tottenham and Man City. Despite being 4 points behind the top 4, Solskjaer teachers and students still have many chances to win the Champions League place next season, because the Premier League has not gone half way.

In the Europa League, Man Utd also won tickets to continue a round early. The competition with AZ Alkmaar on 12/12 only meant to compete for the top of the table.