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Top head coaches paid the highest salary (Part 1)

Football is considered as the potential market for commercial transactions. There are many people involved with football becomes rich and famous. One of them is head coaches.

Although head coaches don’t’ cover so much spot light as footballers in the pitch, they play an important role to decide glory of one team. Therefore, some big clubs usually invest budget to hire good head coaches. 

Now, we will share top head coaches paid the highest salary in the recent season. Assure that you feel surprising about big amounts to be transferred.

1, Bill Belichicke

In the Super Bowl history, Bill Belichick is considered as one of the most successful coach because series of great achievements he could do during his career.

Estimated that he already won 10 games in 17 seasons. These achievements are amazing for any head coach in Super Bowl.

On average, he can earn $12 million dollars per year. This number is so big, then he is ranked in the first ranking for top the highest salary.

 2, Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich is on the end of his career because he can retire in some next seasons.

He has ever been succeeded in many clubs. He has contributed to success with some famous footballers like Tim Duncan, Tony Parker or Manu Ginobili. He has helped and trained them to the peak of football career as nowadays.

Estimated that he has 70% victory during his career. So, he is considered as one of the best head coaches all the time. He also is transferred to other clubs with a big budget, up to $11 million. In his period, this amount is so big and dreamed to anyone.

He has also been received a number of fans and players favorited all over the world. Everyone loves and admires his talent and passion for football.

Top the best transfer from abroad in Manchester United (Part 3)

In this article, we continue to share top the highest transfers from abroad to Manchester United. They always have a further vision about employing foreign players who have good achievements to make strong team.

So, once MU have intended to franchise or purchase any footballer. Both this footballer and MU are cared detail from the fans and reporters.

From the former article, we have referred 4 famous players: Andrei Kanchelskis, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Javier Hernandez and Nani. Now, we continue to find others in ranking.

5, Ruud van Nistelrooy

Ruud van Nistelrooy is the next name on transfer list.

In 2006, he was purchased with $19 million from Real Madrid to MU. Although finishing the transfer, he couldn’t play at the Old Trafford in 2007 season due to his dangerous knee accident. But he responded that this wait was completely worthy.

As soon as he recovered, he completed his mission excellently with series of goal-scoring for his team.

Supporters had to wait a year longer than expected for Van Nistelrooy to be confirmed as a United player due a serious knee injury suffered by the PSV Eindhoven forward in 2000. But boy was he worth the wait. Immediately, he became a new idol for any fan loving MU.

6, Jaap Stam

Japp Stam was the first generation for transfer. He was franchised in 1990s to MU. He played at defender well to create secure protection against any rival.

He had total 3 seasons to be closed and made series of winning for MU. Such as the Championships in the Treble.

After finishing his season, by his contribution for MU, he was voted for player of the years. So, until he removed MU, he was still loved and praised as a cult hero of MU.

Top the best transfer from abroad in Manchester United

Manchester United is one of the most successful club in the UK. Especially in the Premier League, they are one of the biggest champions.

To make list of success for MU, it has contribution from transferred players. In general, per year, this MU’s federation invest a big budget to rent new players from abroad with purpose to make strength and profession for their team.

Today, we discuss top the best transfer players from with big value contracts. To be present in this ranking, these players are excellent to make frame and success for MU. Following our ranking.

1/ Javier Hernandez

Javier Hernandez is well known with nickname as Chicharito.

In 2010, he was transfer to Manchester as an unexpected gem. Although he was only 22 year-olds, he expressed his talent and passion for football.

The Mexican player made series of goals for Untied in the 2010-2011 season, including some direct goals against to the rivals to several unorthodox goals as assistance to his teammates.

Estimated he got total 39 goals in total 47 times he appeared in the pitch. This achievement became strange phenomenal for MU with a newly young player from abroad.

2/ Nani

Nani is from the Portugal, the same era with the big star Cristiano Ronaldo. Because the talent and frame of Cristiano Ronaldo is so big, he still expresses his style and ability by unique way.

He was acquisition from Sporting Lisbon to MU in 2010-2011 season. He became a talented attacker by both legs. It was a little amazing but he could do it well. He was voted for the player of 2010 award when owing the biggest goals against other opponent’s net.

Furthermore, he also received an award in the PFA team of season for the excellent player’s ranking.

Ronaldinho is in custody and could be jailed for 6 months

The Paraguayan Interior Ministry said on Tuesday, Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto were arrested at Resort Yacht & Golf Club Paraguayo today. Their passports are of Paraguay nationality, while their home country is actually Brazil.

The Ronaldinho brothers remained in custody at the hotel until the official Paraguayan authorities made an official announcement. Ronaldinho arrived in Paraguay at the invitation of casino magnate Nelson Belotti. As planned, he will participate in a number of events with fans and local officials.

Ronaldinho does not currently have a Brazilian passport for failing to enforce a penalty for violating environmental laws in 2018. Former Barca star and brother were convicted of illegally building a pier on Lake Guaiba in 2015, which is considered a permanent reserve. The penalty forced Ronaldinho to pay $ 8.5 million and after the former player refused to pay, the Brazilian Court decided to stop him from leaving the country.

No Brazilian passport, but Ronaldinho still plays the role of ambassador of the country on tourism in September 2019. “Tourism is very important in creating jobs and improving the image of Brazil on an international level,” Ronaldinho said at the launch as an ambassador.

Ronaldinho has had illustrious careers in South America and Europe, where he won the Champions League, La Liga, Serie A and the Copa Libertadores. The 39-year-old former player also won many individual titles, including the 2005 Golden Ball, FIFA 2004 and 2005 Best Player. With Brazil, he won the 2002 World Cup and the 1999 Copa America.

Ronaldinho could be jailed for six months

Former Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho faces the risk of being jailed during Paraguay investigating the crime of using a fake passport.

Paraguayan police arrested Ronaldinho and his brother Assis on March 6. The group pleaded for the two to try to reach home detention results, but on March 8, Judge Clara Ruiz Diaz decided that the detention could last for up to six months.

According to O’Globo, Ronaldinho and his brother were held at Agrupacion Especializada prison. This place has many notorious criminals. The former chairman and vice president of the football association Asuncion is also imprisoned here for money laundering and illegal enrichment.

In the detention area, Ronaldinho and his brother were in a separate room. They were given blankets, soaps and insecticides. The couple did not use prison food, but were provided by a law team.