Author: Perry Wood

28 coaches were dismissed in five major leagues this season

After the first half of the season, many clubs in La Liga, the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 lost their patience with the coaches.

At the five biggest national championships in the world, the clubs fired 28 coaches, up 18% from the 23 coaches at the same time last season.

Serie A has many coaches losing the most in the first half of this season, with 9 people. The Italian championship is not really famous for long-time coaches, but the presidents are tending to be more aggressive than usual. The nine dismissed coaches are also the biggest number of Serie A since 2012.

Premier League ranked second, with six coaches losing their jobs. Compared to the same period last year, this number is more than twice.

La Liga came in third, with five coaches losing their jobs. In the top five leagues, La Liga is the only league with fewer coaches losing jobs than the previous season.

The Bundesliga and Ligue 1 both had four coaches dismissed. In particular, Bayern is the only national champion in five major tournaments to dismiss the coach.

The dismissals had some certain influence. For example, AC Milan is no longer the same after Ancelotti left. Apart from the 2011 Serie A championship won with Max Allegri, the red and black striped shirt has no title to compare with Juventus and the big teams.

The team has won the European Cup C1/Champions League seven times even many seasons do not attend the European Cup, due to the decline in performance and violations of the Financial Fair law.

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 season, also due to poor performance, AC Milan had to fire coach Marca Giampaolo. New coach Stefano Pioli has improved, but has only won one in five matches.

28 coaches lost their jobs at the beginning of the season in five major tournaments

Serie A

Eusebio Di Francesco (Club Sampdoria), Thiago Motta, Aurelio Andreazzoli (Genoa), Marco Giampaolo (AC Milan), Igor Tudor (Udinese), Eugenio Corini, Fabio Grosso (Brescia), Carlo Ancelotti (Napoli), Vincenzo Montella (Fiorentina).

Premier League

Quique Sanchez Flores, Javi Gracia (Watford), Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham), Unai Emery (Arsenal), Marco Silva (Everton), Manuel Pellegrini (West Ham).

La Liga

Marcelino (Valencia), David Gallego, Pablo Machin (Espanyol), Mauricio Pellegrino (Leganes), Fran Escriba (Celta Vigo).


Niko Kovac (Bayern Munich), Achim Beierlorzer (Koln), Sandro Schwarz (Mainz), Ante Covic (Hoffenheim).

Ligue 1

Ghislain Printant (Saint Etiene), Sylvinho (Lyon), Alain Casanova (Toulouse), Leonardo Jardim (Monaco).

Coach Allegri is like the obsolete man of European football (Part 1)

In the midst of the appointments, there is a top military leader who still enjoys life. He is Massimiliano Allegri, who won six Serie A titles.

Allegri loves drawing. If there was a pen in front of this football main trainer and anything he could draw on, he would start splitting. Allegri agreed to host the New York Times correspondent at his home. And in two hours, he gave an interview, drawing seven pages.

Some of the images are easy to recognize such as the football field map, the circles with the numbers inside represent the player, the arrows show the direction of movement.

However, a few other images are more difficult to understand such as a doll hung upside down at the corner of the page. In the opposite corner, the word “tablet” (small board) is circled and underlined, surely Allegri must have something to emphasize this word.

Scientists have spent a lot of time studying the doodles. Psychologist Robert C. Burns once said: “The lines that a depressed person draws often accidentally contain a message.”

Does Allegri miss football? After parting ways with Juventus, it seems that the desire to hold the army, to fight, to be victorious accidentally appeared on the page. He has reason to remember the football field.

The last six months have been Allegri’s first real break after 34 years of relentless dedication: including 18 years as a player and 16 years on the training bench. “I just kicked it,” Allegri admitted. But being a coach is better. He won the Serie A championship with AC Milan (once) and Juventus (five times in a row).

The top leaders, no matter how much they love and obsess about football, need a break. Even Pep Guardiola once admitted that he was tired after four seasons at Barcelona, ​​he eventually quit his job and went on holiday in New York for a year.

However, Allegri did not think he was on leave. He was simply … resting, completely resting, so that his mind wasn’t at all involved with football. For six months, he did not carry suitcases for traveling, did not come to watch matches and training sessions, did not probe his opponents, did not reshape his thoughts, nor did he look through the army’s proposals. While Guardiola stopped because of his lack of inspiration in football, Allegri had different interests.

Ronaldo’s fame disappeared when he left Real Madrid (Part 2)

The battle between Ronaldo and Messi has also been pushed up a new ladder during this time. Both broke a series of new steps in football history. From the number of goals, to the collective title and finally to the number of Golden Balls.

Ronaldo has it all at Real, from fame, to the number one star in football, to an unending battle with Messi, the perfect catalyst for the hyperbole of the Portuguese superstar.

What is Ronaldo at Juventus? It is the leadership of the leadership, the respect of the fans and the respect of both opponents. Juve or Italy too “good” with Ronaldo. That backfired on this big ego star.

Ronaldo does not lack money, but he lacks an opponent that will compare with him every day to push himself beyond the limits. Messi and Barca have always done that for nearly 10 years of the peak of Ronaldo’s career at Real Madrid.

Juventus with a unique position in Serie A does not have that. The defeat in the Champions League quarter-final of 2018/19 against Ajax is a testament to Ronaldo’s inability to drag the rest of the army to Juve’s aspiration to the peak of Europe.

They need a real counterweight in the domestic arena to motivate themselves, and push Ronaldo to create miracles, just like Messi and Barca have done.

Can Ronaldo get up after failure?

Without Ronaldo, Real Madrid lost to Barca 1-5 in the first El Clasico match of last season, fired two coaches after only nine months, went blank in all competitions and had to ask for help from Zinedine Zidane.

But similar to the story of the cup, Ronaldo himself was heavily influenced by leaving Real Madrid. He is no longer backed by the utopia of Los Blancos and accepts the pervasive Italians, thereby losing the edge in flashy races like the Golden Ball.

16 months after apart, Ronaldo and Real Madrid have ever realized that they both need each other to oppose Barca with Lionel Messi? That question will permanently have no answer. In football, few people like to talk about the past if they want to rise.

With Ronaldo’s personality, today’s defeat to Messi could be the stepping stone for a race to the Golden Ball 2020 starting tomorrow. The fondness of that CR7 has always helped him overcome difficulties from being a small boy to Lisbon to study football to the days of consecutive defeat against Messi and Barca at Real.

Napoli appointed Gattuso with a six-month contract

Less than 24 hours after dismissing Ancelotti, Napoli appointed former AC Milan coach Gennaro Gattuso with a six-month contract.

“Welcome Gennaro Gattuso,” Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis said at a press conference for the launch of the new Napoli coach on 11/12. “We have nurtured a dream but suddenly woke up halfway. I didn’t want to disrupt Carlo Ancelotti’s beautiful dream, and found that it would be better if we followed our own paths. and Ancelotti are still friends. “

Sky Italy said Napoli signed a six-month contract with Gattuso, with a 12-month extension. The first match of the former AC Milan coach was against Parma this weekend.

Gattuso, 41, has been leading Milan for a year and a half, and has been unemployed since May 2019. During his two years at San Siro, Gattuso helped Milan advance from the sixth position of the 2017-2018 season to the fifth of the 2018-2019 season. However, that is not enough to convince the boss of this team.

Gattuso’s predecessor, Ancelotti, is now pursued by Everton. The owner of Goodison Park wants an experienced coach to fight at the helm of the captain, after failing to use young coaches like Ronald Koeman or Marco Silva.

Besides Everton, Arsenal is also interested in Ancelotti. “Gunners” are using interim coach Freddie Ljungberg. The achievements of the former Swedish player are not impressive after three games: one win, one draw, one loss.

Before leaving Napoli, Ancelotti led many big clubs such as Juventus, AC Milan, Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. He won the Champions League three times, in which famously helped Real complete the Decima (the 10th cup of the Champions League/Champions League) in the 2013-2014 season.

Solskjaer: ‘Many top players want to rebuild Man Utd’

Solskjaer believes Man Utd is still the leading club and the leading reputation in attracting good players.

After a three-game winning streak, Man Utd revived with two impressive victories with the same score 2-1 against Tottenham and Man City. Despite being 4 points behind the top 4, Solskjaer teachers and students still have many chances to win the Champions League place next season, because the Premier League has not gone half way.

In the Europa League, Man Utd also won tickets to continue a round early. The competition with AZ Alkmaar on 12/12 only meant to compete for the top of the table.

Ronaldo’s fame disappeared when he left Real Madrid (Part 1)

Cristiano Ronaldo lost, even humbly lost at the 2019 European Golden Ball award gala when only ranked third, after Lionel Messi and Virgil van Dijk.

This defeat was actually heralded after CR7 spent the Champions League elimination season in the quarter-finals with poor results at the awards ceremony of “UEFA Best Player of the Year” and FIFA The Best.

But the complete failure of Ronaldo against Messi still makes everyone forced to ask the question: Since when has Ronaldo fallen too deeply compared to Barca’s No. 10?

Lost the launch pad of Real Madrid fame

Is it random or not that the results of the first season did not play completely for Real Madrid that Ronaldo was knocked out of the Top 2 European Golden Ball? The answer is no if you look back at Real Madrid and compare it to Ronaldo’s new stop, Juventus.

In nine years with Real Madrid, Ronaldo only once jumped out of the Top 2. It is the story of 2010, when CR7 fell to 6th place in the golden race after the failure season with Real (eliminated from 1/8 Champions League) and Portugal (eliminated from 1/8 World Cup).

After the start of the season, the years Ronalso compared Messi fiercely with consecutive records were destroyed. It was also the time when Real got up to confront Barca on and off the pitch.

Ronaldo won 4 out of 5 Golden Balls during his time at Real Madrid.

Before Ronaldo went to Real, Los Blancos spent a long time weaker than Barca not only on the pitch but also at the commercial value. Barca with Ronaldinho, Deco, Eto’o or later Lionel Messi, Thierry Henry is an attractive image destination, instead of Realized by the Netherlands at the hands of Ramon Calderon.

Real needs more than one symbol to confront Barca with Messi. And Ronaldo was brought back from MU, Kaka also appeared from AC Milan. Real bought both European Golden Balles for the Bernabeu in an attempt to knock Messi down. But only Ronaldo shines. And that is how CR7 was chosen to become because of the number one stars of Los Blancos.

For nearly 10 years, Ronaldo has received the full support of Real Madrid to become the number one symbol of the team in terms of images from both on and off the pitch. The reputation of the team with the highest commercial value in the world is the perfect tool when combined with the talent and reputation of CR7.

Kluivert: ‘De Ligt regrets leaving Barca, following Juventus’

Player Patrick Kluivert said that compatriot Matthijs de Ligt is regretting choosing to join Juventus after leaving Ajax last summer.

“I won’t say that I tried to persuade De Ligt. I only said good things about the city of Barcelona and the club to him. He and his agent were the ones who decided. De Ligt had a choice, and I think he’s a bit sorry about that. In life, when you make choices, sometimes you make the right choices, or very badly. You have to learn from your decisions”, commented Kluivert.

De Ligt currently plays not really comfortable at Juventus. Thanks to the long-term injury of Giorgio Chiellini, the 20-year-old Dutch midfielder has the main position. De Ligt also suffered a lot of criticism for making mistakes in the early stages of the season.

Before joining Juventus for $ 84 million, De Ligt had a long time to contact Barca. The former Ajax captain has also consulted with Kluivert, who has played successfully for Barca and is currently the club’s young football director.

Contrary to De Ligt, former teammate Frenkie De Jong is very comfortable at the Nou Camp. After the summer transfer of 2019, the young Dutch midfielder quickly took a main position and received many compliments from experts.

“De Jong is a very high quality midfielder,” Kluivert said.

Regarding the possibility of Dutch coach Ronald Koeman returning to Barca in the future, Kluivert said: “I do not know. That may happen, but with respect for incumbent coach Valverde, I do not want to talk about other coaches. In terms of competence, Koeman is a good coach. He is leading the Netherlands very well. “

Recently, the Dutch Football Federation has revealed, the contract with Koeman has a clause that allows the coach to go to Barca at any time without compensation. Time player, Koeman has played very successfully for Barca. He has just led the Netherlands to qualify for Euro 2020.

Tottenham fired coach Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino lost his job on November 19 because of Tottenham’s poor performance earlier this season.

“We are reluctant to make this decision,” Tottenham president Daniel Levy told the media. “The Board of Directors had to consider carefully before making a decision.

Unfortunately, the results at the end of last season and the beginning of this season were quite disappointing. That made the Board of Directors forced to make difficult decisions. The team has many memorable memories with Mauricio and his associates. But we have to do the best for Tottenham now.”

At Tottenham in 2014, coach Mauricio Pochettino created a new face for the club despite not being given much money to buy during the transfer. In the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 seasons, he helped Tottenham race the Premier League champions to the final rounds. Last season, the Argentine strategist helped Tottenham reach the Champions League final, before losing to Liverpool 0-2.

But this season, Tottenham fell when only 12 points after 14 rounds in the Premier League, ranked 12th. The London team did not win in the last five matches in the domestic league. In the Champions League, Tottenham lights up the group stage. But the 2-7 defeat at home against Bayern Munich is still difficult to accept for the team leadership.

“Mauricio and his team will be part of Tottenham’s history,” Levy added. “I admire the way he coped with the difficult situation, especially in the period when we did not have enough money due to the construction of a new stadium. I want to thank him and the coaching staff for what they’ve contributed. They will always be welcome here.”

Pochettino will leave Tottenham with three assistants, Jesus Perez, Toni Jimenez and Miguel D’Agostino. The brightest candidates to replace the 47-year-old strategist at Spurs, according to the British press, are Julian Nagelsmann (RB Leipzig), Carlo Ancelotti (Napoli), Eddie Howe (Bournemouth) and Jose Mourinho.

“We have a talented squad,” President Levy concluded. “The team needs to regenerate and try to bring a positive season for the fans.”

Wenger joins FIFA – sticking with football in a whole new way

Former Arsene Wenger has just assumed the position of Director of Football Development of the World Football Federation (FIFA).

Joining FIFA will mean Wenger will stop looking for work as a coach. According to sources, after leaving Arsenal in 2018, the 70-year-old coach has rejected many clubs and teams.

Wenger had 22 consecutive years leading Arsenal, where he won 17 titles. He is also one of the longest-running coaches in the English Premier League.

Last week, according to the German press, Wenger had contacted to replace Nico Kovac at Bayern. However, the defending Bundesliga champion wants to make a long-term plan and has not yet appointed the main coach.

German newspaper: ‘Wenger called, but Bayern refused’

Bayern Munich is said to have turned down the offer to be the manager of Arsene Wenger, who for many years led Arsenal.

Bild said Wenger took the initiative to call Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, general manager of Bayern Munich on November 6, to express interest in the coach seat. However, Rummenigge flatly refused.

Wenger has decades of experience as a top football manager, including 22 years leading Arsenal. But since leaving the Emirates Stadium at the end of the 2017-2018 season, the 69-year-old has not yet found a new job.

Wenger always insists he is satisfied with his current life, but he doesn’t want to retire and doesn’t want to move to Asia either. He declined many invitations, including FIFA Technical Director. Wenger’s goal is to return to peak football with coach seats at top clubs like Bayern, Barca, or Man Utd.

Bayern fired former coach Nico Kovac last weekend, after a defeat described as “humiliating” against Frankfurt. According to Bild, the two top candidates as new managers are Max Allegri and Jose Mourinho.

Kovac’s assistant, Hansi Flick is currently a temporary coach. In the first match, he helped Bayern defeat Olympiakos 2-0.

Flick is likely to lead until the end of the 2019-2020 season. Bayern’s sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic said: “We are calm and not under pressure to choose a coach. I think Flick is the right person for us now. He will work until the announcement. new newspaper”.

Former Bayern player contradicted Mourinho and Allegri

While Luca Toni advised Max Allegri to come to Man Utd, Lothar Matthaus wanted to bring him to Bayern Munich.

Along with Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger, Allegri is one of three bright candidates for an empty seat at Bayern. The Italian has the advantage of having won six Serie A in nine years and twice brought Juventus into the Champions League final.

Bayern currently have no head coach after firing Nico Kovac. The 1–5 loss to Frankfurt last weekend caused Bayern to fall to fourth in the Bundesliga after 10 rounds, like a drop of water.

Capello advised Allegri to choose Man Utd over Bayern

Veteran coach Fabio Capello thinks Massimiliano Allegri can match Bayern Munich but should wait patiently for the opportunity from Man Utd.

Bayern Munich on November 4 announced the dismissal of coach Niko Kovac, just one day after the 1-5 defeat at Frankfurt. Many sources in Germany claim that Allegri is the top target for the hot seat at the Allianz yard. In addition to former Juventus strategist, “Gray Lobster” also considers options such as Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho, Erik ten Hag and Ralf Rangnick.

Allegri has an impressive track record of leading Milan and Juventus for more than a decade. He helped Milan win domestic double in 2011 and then won consecutive Scudetto with Juventus. Along with the black and white striped shirt team, Allegri also has two Champions League finals in 2015 and 2017.

Capello also led Juventus and Milan. The 73-year-old strategist won four Serie A championships with Milan, once with Roma and twice with Juventus. Capello’s titles with Juventus were later stripped of the Calciopoli match-fixing scandal. But Capello and Allegri are still considered as two of the most successful coaches in the tournament’s history.

Man Utd risk losing three pillars when playing Bournemouth

Rashford, Maguire and Lindelof all had to be looked after by medical staff, two days before Man Utd’s trip in the 11th Premier League.

“All three asked the doctor to take care of yesterday and today too. Right now I cannot tell their exact situation. Hopefully they can recover to play tomorrow,” Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said at the meeting. foreshadowed round 11 Premier League on Friday 1/11.

Besides Marcus Rashford, Harry Maguire and Victor Lindelof, Man Utd certainly does not have the services of Paul Pogba, Luke Shaw, Nemanja Matic, Axel Tuanzebe on Saturday night 2/11. “They are not ready. Even after a team rally, we will be at great risk if we let the three return soon. But two weeks later, everything will be more possible.”

Maguire and Lindelof have been Solskjaer’s top priorities at the Man Utd defense center since the beginning of the 2019-2020 season. And Rashford is in high form, with four goals in the last four matches. Thanks to the sublimation of the English striker, “Reds” won three away matches. Solskjaer also escaped the scene of constantly receiving public opinion axes.

“In football, sometimes you need luck. On Chelsea‘s trip we won with an unbelievable free-kick from Rashford. Before that, the Man Utd defense had stood firm in Belgrade. We also There is a good game in Norwich. The whole team is full of confidence. Obviously, the gap from success to defeat is very small, “continued Solskjaer.

In early October, after losing to Newcastle 0-1, Solskjaer once thought that the match against Liverpool on October 20 would change the situation. Everything went as expected of the Norwegian military leader. Man Utd drew on a victory with the top team, before opening a series of three away wins.

“The preparation of a two-week break for the national team to give us a good game against Liverpool. As a result, the Man Utd player is energized. They are satisfied with the work and the results. achieved, “said Solskaer. “Every match is an opportunity to prove yourself. As a player, I always try every game to show the coach that I deserve to be on the next game. Hopefully, my students now have that feeling too.”